Geisha: women of flower and willow


The Japanese word for "art" is gei.

In the Japanese eye, geisha are the ultimate artisans. They are not just performers.

For a geisha, art is life... her life [is] art.

As journallers, we try to capture our lives in writing. We take our lives and make it art, resplendent in geisha style.

The geisha's style... is purely feminine, yet it lacks the qualities of meekness and subservience so often thought basic to Japanese woomanhood. Sweet, well-mannered Japanese ladies are called Yamato nadeshiko (native wild carnations). Such fragile blossoms are rare in the flower and willow world. Instead, the willow (the ryu of karyukai) is a particularly appropriate symbol of the geisha. She must have resiliance to bend gracefully in many different directions, depending on the winds of fortune...

The winds of fortune has blown us in many directions. Our projects invite you to explore those winds with us.


Excepts from Liza Dalby's Geisha

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Flower and Willow
Flower and Willow