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Geekgirl (Geekwoman?) living, growing and learning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Avid reader, writer, poet and gamer. Updated on an almost daily basis with a wide variety of topics from the mundane to the surreal. Big science fiction and fantasy fan.

The Amazing Journey
Ray German
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Anita's Book of Days
Anita Rowland
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Aries Moon
Lucy Huntzinger
A fanzine fan who made the switch from paper to electronic zines in 1997. Former Down Under Fan Fund winner. Co-creator of Corflu: the fanzine fan's convention. Devoted to Babylon 5 and used to be active in MST3K fandom. Has worked part time for Tor Books. Favorite authors are John Crowley, Elizabeth Moon, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Brust, and Sheri Tepper.

Battered Black Book
Ceej Silverio
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Book of the Amber Dragon
I started reading at a very early age, before I was 4. Perhaps this precocity was fostered by my dad's reading of The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings as bedtime tales. All I know is that my twin would fall asleep and I would beg for 'just one more chapter, daddy'. I devour fantasy and science fiction (at least one every couple of days), mysteries, pretty much anything will do in a cereal boxes (ouch, I don't think I should be admitting that!). Favourite SF authors of mine are Don Perrin, Melisa C. Michaels, Barbara Hambly, Mercedes Lackey, Tara K. Harper, Anne McCaffrey and Sharon Green.

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The Collective Mind
Lacutis of Borg
Ive been a Science Fiction fan since ive been able to remember. Im 19, Live in Las Vegas, and Love Star trek, Especially the Borg. I started using Lacutis about an hour after the second season ender Hence The way I spell it ;) I started my Journal as an Outlet. I also Love Magic: The Gathering, Computers, and Quake.

Dreaming Among the Jade Clouds
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Druidic Net
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Each Step
Susan Marie
Doing the twenty-something post-college figuring-out-my-life trip, but that's neither original nor exciting. I have a lot of favorite SF authors, but the ones that I'd build shrines to if I could manage it are Greg Egan and Nicola Griffith. Other favorites include Michael Swanwick, Connie Willis and Nancy Kress. My previous foray into publishing involved working at Circlet Press, a small company that publishes anthologies of erotic science fiction, and my dream in life is to be an editor. I'm nowhere near there yet.

Freak Magnet
Moira McGrath
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Gazing Into the Abyss
Michael Rawdon
A programmer living in Silicon Valley, California and a science fiction reader since high school. Authors I read include Vernor Vinge, H. Beam Piper, Tim Powers, Lois McMaster Bujold, C. J. Cherryh, Steven Gould, Mary Doria Russell, Jack McDevitt and George R. R. Martin, among others. I talk about the books I read extensively in my journal, and I've also watched Babylon 5 religiously since its inception.

I am also a life-long comic book fan. My other interests include rock and jazz music, bicycling, baseball, my two cats, and working on my Web page.

i put a spell on you
Tisiphone was born of the union of earth and blood, springing into being when the unborn Cronos castrated his copulating father. Until recently, she was involved in punishing those who use murder to sever the holiest of bonds, that of blood kin. About 15 years ago, she read her first science fiction juvenile, and everything changed.

Unhappy with her job (most notably the lack of any possible advancement or promotion), she began to devote herself full time to the purchase, perusal and advancement of the ghetto literature known as science fiction. Along the way, she has met Spider Robinson and (thankfully) attended only one con. Her companion is another science fiction reading geek, and thus her first children after countless millenia of murderous life will probably also read sf.

She thinks that she could probably take Harlan Ellison in a mud wrestling match, now that he's getting on in years. She has never been able to stand a full episode of any sf teevee show except for the first 2 Trek projects. Piers Anthony gives her a rash.

And although she does no actual work around the good ship Fen, she inexplicably remains everyone's darling & pet.

Irregular Ramblings
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Elspeth Bennett
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Liralen's Adventures Through Life
Liralen Li
The white-winged Avian, an old-style Systems Engineer, can usually found in the bowels of what's not working in order to get it to work. She first stumbled across Science Fiction when reading through the entire library in her intermediate school and pretty much loves anything with cool characters. Lastest SF obsessions include Lois McMaster Bujold, Bruce Sterling, and John Varley. True loves have included C.J. Cherryh, Tanith Lee, Patricia McKillip, Zelazny, Heinlein, and C.L. Moore as well as countless others. Roleplays and dabbles in writing both chrome-edged cyberpunk and fantasy.

Shelly A. Houghton
I'm a 23 year old linguistics major from Michigan who has been reading SF since she was pre-adolescent and discovered "The Tripod Trilogy" by John Christopher. No! Earlier: When she saw Star Wars at her grandmother's house on the VCR at some point in the early 80s (she was entirely too young to go to the movies when it first came out).

Either way, I like SF. My current favorites are: Connie Willis, Dan Simmons, Steven Brust, Pamela Dean, Orson Scott Card, and many others that quite a lot of people always mention, so I'll stop throwing around those names.

Love, Curiosity, Freckles, and Doubt
Dorothy Rothschild
I'm a writer (of sf and other genres), currently enrolled in an MFA program, trying to get back to live in Europe.
There's a bio page in the journal which lists the usual assortment of random facts.
Last sf book read: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester. Next semester I'm taking an sf writing class, so I'll be discussing sf more than I do now. (I hope!)

Me too! Me too!
KT Hicks
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The Mind's I
Eileene "Iko" Coscolluela
The current captain of the Fen Journals. She's loved science fiction ever since she picked up her first copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at the tender age of 8. She's a huge fan of anything Star Wars, Adams, Heinlein, Herbert, and Gibson. She's also an avid roleplayer.

juan maldonado
i'm a writer, graphic artist and musician from los angeles, california. i enjoy the works of robert heinlein, frank herbert and j.r.r. tolkien, among others.

My Existence as a Human Being
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My Finite Game
Tad Kelson
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Avram Grumer
The gene for liking science fiction runs in the male line of my family -- I've been reading the stuff since early childhood. I'm even named (partly) after an SF writer (Avram Davidson). A list of my current favorite authors would include Gene Wolfe and Greg Egan; past favorites have included Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, and Poul Anderson. I also like Bruce Sterling, Ursula LeGuin, Pamela Dean, and Steven Brust. My hobbies include such traditional fannish activities as reading comics, playing RPGs, going to SF conventions (not as often as I used to or would like to) and helping out at the The New York Review of Science Fiction.

nobody knows anything
Diane Patterson
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Nova Notes
Al Schroeder
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Owl's Eye
Elizabeth Kelleher
Like Ceit, my Dad read Tolkien to me when I was a tiny tot, sharing his own passion for sff/f with me. I was mesmerized by the stories and never wanted the chapters to end. Trying to piece together the words in the stories on my own after Dad had turned the light out must have had something to do with my learning to read around age four. My love of science-fiction and fantasy grew from those early readings and a viewing of Star Wars: a special treat for my fourth birthday.

So basically, Beth-as-fan was born in 1978:) Favorite authors include Tad Williams, Guy Gavriel Kay, Sheri S. Tepper and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Favorite literary worlds include Anne McCaffey's Pern, Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar and Steven Brust's Dragaera.

Star Wars is still my favorite movie and I collect sci-fi/horror tv series as they come along. Current TV must-sees: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: DS9 and Stargate SG-1 (I'm still mourning the end of Babylon5, but religiously collecting them on video to watch over and over and over and ...)

I also have a fledgeling costume business in the works, visit the Costume Shop if you have a con coming up and need an outfit:)

Pick It Up and Shake It!
An American currently marooned in England, and being forced to work as a company director for a small computer consultancy. An aspiring (and perspiring) actress, she spends a lot of time alone in quiet reflection. Occasionally, if you're lucky, she'll muse a little over the latest sci-fi offerings as far as Star Trek goes. She's an advocate of the Captain Janeway/Commander Chakotay relationship although she does not openly admit to it very often. It's almost an illness. But humor her. And read carefully to find the sci-fi bits.

Planning A Sky
I'm a lifelong Dr. Who, Blake's Seven, Star Trek and Star Wars addict. I write Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction and read everything I can get my hands on. Favourite novelists include Katherine Kurtz, Barbara Hambly, Robin McKinley, David Eddings, Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and Patricia A. McKillip.

Rachel's Daily Diary
I got into web site design and science fiction simultaneously during my first year of college, while working on a project about MOOs. I have now graduated but continue to be an avid sci-fi reader.

Space 1999
I took the plunge into science fiction when I was in junior high, when a friend at the library recommended Andre Norton's Moon of Three Rings. I immediately went out and got my hands on every thing she had ever written. After that I discovered Ursula K. LeGuin, C.L. Moore, Tanith Lee, Jack Vance, Harlan Ellison, Joanna Russ, and so on.... So-called "big" science-fiction authors - Heinlein, Asimov, etc. - leave me cold, though I did enjoy Podkayne of Mars and the Foundation trilogy. I used to pitch a fit when Star Trek was cancelled for Sunday afternoon golf. I saw Star Wars at least a dozen times that I can remember....

I am trying to write my first science-fiction novel, as well as finish a few short stories.

A Tale Told With Time, Weighty Matters
Joan Lansberry
"What I like most about good science fiction is its ability to capture essential truths housed within mythic elements people crave. Well, maybe I can't speak for most people. I crave these worlds of myths and heroes. I value them because they open our eyes and imagination to different ways of being. We can understand ourselves better through the art of the masterful storytellers that write science fiction. One of my most favorite is the movie 'Enemy Mine' and how the human and the alien overcame the fear which originally stood between them. I enjoy all the Star Trek incarnations and Babylon5, along with various other Sci-Fi movies."

John Randal
John started his Science Fiction habit in grade school, captivated by the novels of Andre Norton. Since then, he has consistently enjoyed various types of SF and, as of 1987, has written some himself. He is an Active Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and his short fiction has appeared in Aboriginal SF, Amazing Stories, the Writers of the Future vol. VI anthology and a scattering of other places. In his opinion, Blade Runner and Gattaca are tied for first place when it comes to Best Science Fiction Movie. His current favorites on the literary front include: Robert Charles Wilson, Greg Bear, Jonathan Lethem, and Iain M. Banks.

This Precious Shining
Dreama Lynn
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Time Stand Still
Cera Kruger
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Trickster's Highway
Luke McGuff
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How could I not love science fiction? Like most of the crew of the good ship Fen, my dad lavished me with Tolkien at an impressionable age - and moved on to the Foundation trilogy from there.

My growing-up years were well-drenched in the Star Wars and Star Trek movies, along with lesser-known films like Dune, The Time Machine, Enemy Mine, The Hobbit, etc. Nowadays, by brother keeps me informed of all things anime.

The treasures of my bookshelves include: Ursula K. LeGuin, Sheri S. Tepper, Zenna Henderson, Patricia A. McKillip, Andre Norton, Raymond E. Feist, George Herbert, Anne McCaffrey, Julian May, Mercedes Lackey, and Robert A. Heinlein. Just to name a few.

West Coast Girl - East Coast World
Discovered SF after a few years of picking through the SF/Fantasy shelves looking for the books with dragons, unicorns and swords on the covers. I don't remember which book did it, but I've been hooked for fifteen years.

I still read (and sometimes when I'm being good I write) Fantasy and other genres as well. I also had a hefty addiction to comic books once, but my dwindling income forced me to go cold turkey about five years ago. I'm still clean.

It was too late for my son, though. He may hate me some day when he finds out he was named after both Wolverine and the title character in Logan's Run.

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