Has anything ever completely pervaded your life, ever since you were young? Or atleast, something that's been around for a darned long time. Something that has shifted throughout your life.. how a period in your life you loved it... and another time you hated it. Sometimes it's the farthest thing from your mind and then the next it is all-consuming.

This is an exploration of that thing. That drive that is deep within me. Call it love, call it lust. Those are only fragments of its face. Two facets of its personality.

It all started with an email:

It all started when I was 13.

I thought I had met the love of my life. Well, I was wrong. I only "loved" him because I leaned on him when his best friend started drifting away from me. And he let me lean on him.

Our breakup was messy. It's to be expected from a guy who had a three foot poster of me in his room. He called me a little slut. Strange. I broke up with him to become more religious and pious.

I spent one year being a little angel and the next four as a slut. I explored heterosexual sex in all its forms... with my long-distance boyfriend that I kept off and on for four years to the guy I met only twice and slept with him one of those times.

Then I found love. But even then it isn't all sweet. I've had times where I've stumbled... but we're still together.

I'd like a place to tell some of my stories.

This is a beginning. You can call it the outline to a much larger project. There are only so many tales I can tell in one sitting. Only so many images.

This is my perspective of past events in my life. The errors contained within are exclusively mine.

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