Isaac: Hi Elfie. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment.

Me: Sure, Isaac. What's up?

Isaac: Can you change channels to P10. I need to talk to you on a private channel.

Me: Ok.

---Elfendronia Fox Leaves P1---

---Elfendronia Fox Joins P10---

Current channel members:
Elfendronia Fox

Diary: Hey Elfie.

Paul: Hey Elfie, what's going on?

Elfie: I have no idea. What's up Isaac?

Isaac: Well, someone has to go first. Diary, tell Elfie how you feel about her.

Diary: Now?

Elfie: What?

Isaac: Now.

Diary: Ok. Elfie, I really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.

Elfie: What?!

Paul: What?!

Isaac: And you, Paul?

Paul: Oh man, I can't believe this.

Diary: Don't tell me.

Paul: Yes.

Diary: Fuck.

Isaac: Okay you two, I'm sick and tired of hearing about Elfie from *both* of you. I figured it's time that everything gets out in the open.

Paul: Now what?

Diary: Fuck.

Isaac: Elfie, how do you feel about Paul and Diary?


Isaac: Elfie?

Elfie: Yes?

Isaac: Talk to us.

Elfie: I don't know. I like Diary and Paul. Very much.

Isaac: But you can't string them both along.

Elfie: I don't know what to do.

Isaac: I think you have to choose. For all our sanities.

Elfie: Oh..

Diary: Oh..

Paul: Oh..

Isaac: Well?

One I flirted with heavily, with strong sexual overtones. He lived a few towns over.
The other one sent me his cartoon sketches and lived in Florida. We talked rarely, but it was always intense.

I chose the one that I barely talked to. I guess there was some exotic allure to it. It was also nice how others online would behave to a cross-system romance. I was well-known in the local Jersey systems. He was well-known in the Florida systems. Whenever our two systems would get together, there would be a flurry of love notes and gossip and late nights of online stimulation. Our fingers on the keyboard did what our fingers on each other could not.

We drifted apart. My phone bill got too high. I never got to meet him.

The other guy? He was very good friends with my first real boyfriend. I nearly got to meet him once, but he was too timid to see me since I rejected him.

On hindsight, he probably would have been the better choice. Atleast, he would have been more tangible.

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