A Clue
May 18, 1999

Last night, I discovered I had a twin.

Well, that's hyperbole, but it felt like I had discovered a twin.

An online friend of mine suggested that I read Fresh Hell, an online journal written by Kim, an Information Studies graduate student at Syracuse University. She offhandedly remarked that the similarities between us are... uncanny.

So, I started reading her journal and found my friend's statements were true. We have many of the same tastes and interests. Similar perspective of movies. We have the same brand of humor. She recently started her journal (March 1999), so I decided that I would take some time to read through all of her entries and discover more about her.

I found this.

Something that Kim sounded so enthusiastic about had to be something that I would find interesting, so I checked it out.

I proceeded to stay up to a ridiculously late hour, reading as much as I could on the Blair Witch.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I decided that I should get atleast a few hours of sleep before I had to get up to work. Pulling an all-nighter is difficult for me in my post-college days. It was there, as I drifted off towards Morpheus' realm that a little click of recognition went off in my brain.

The memory opened up and I recalled the all black website. It was a clip from The Blair Witch Project.

I think I murmured a triumphant "aha!" into my pillow as conciousness slipped from me.


Today, I emailed her. The ex-online journaller. I said I put one and one together last night and recognized the Blair Witch clip on her site. I called it a documentary, since I didn't realize its true nature.

I wrote her back an hour later, correcting myself after I realized my mistake upon reading a review that I didn't read last night.

I was embarassed and was sure that she was probably laughing on the other end and I would receive no reply.

I know I'm sure about the latter.

© Copyright 1999 Eileene Coscolluela