July 6, 2004
Salt Peanuts Update

Becky of Always Knitting Something is our newest Salt Peanuts knitter. She ordered the Muench Bergamo in Air Blue. This is her first attempt at a sweater! Woo hoo!

Lenore, another new Salt Peanuts knitter, started hers recently and is knitting a size smaller than what she typically wears. She is on Weight Watchers and is hoping that, by the time she is done, she will be the right size. (Crossing fingers!)

I noticed that Craftster.Org has created a new subsection in Knitting: a topic for knitalongs. Our Salt Peanuts knitalong thread was moved to there. Since last I wrote:

Jas finished the fronts and has moved on to the sleeves. Huzzah!

Emmdy got gauge on the first try (US10.5s) and is almost finished with the waist increases. Although she had a bit of stickiness with the lace ribbing, it now looks really good and she's trucking along. Double huzzah!

Paige is finished the back! Woo hoo!

Jill has finished the back too (double Woo hoo!) and is taking a short hiatus to knit a Princess Snowball Cat Bed for her yoga instructor's cats.

June 14, 2004

The Salt Peanuts Saga is Ovah!

Well, not 100% over. I still need to find a ribbon and sew down the edges of the collar, but for all practical purposes, I'm done! I weaved in the ends this afternoon.

Salt Peanuts
(Don't I look way too overheated in the picture? It's hot and humid at the moment. I tried to put in a game face for the camera, but I'm sweltering. I look wilted. My blue-grey shirt and blue shorts don't match the sweater too well.)

I thought I'd be done over the weekend, but I had a hard time with the sleeves due to my wonky gauge issues. Since I varied the pattern for the front, I had to redo the sleeve caps three times to get them right. The first time I followed the pattern. When I discovered they were too long, I undid a section of it, but that still wasn't good enough: the caps were the wrong shape for my needs. So I undid them all the way to the beginnin of the caps and improvised.

My yarn was too varied from the original, so it wasn't an appropriate substitute, now that I've knit with it. I'm considering doing another, this time with the Muench Bergamo; I'd love to see how it drapes. The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is a little stiff, but very warm and I think it will be nice and snuggly in the winter over a long-sleeved shirt. I've still got a whole skein (280 yards) worth of yarn, which I'll probably donate to my sister.

I like it. I don't love it, alas, but I do like it. Plus, it's got that little space in my heart since it is my first sweater. I dare say it looks rather "Weasley"-ish. Hehe. I've got Potter on the brain. I think I'm going to go back to Fiona for the next week, perhaps cast on for my first sock (yes, I am almost a half a month overdue to starting my first pair of socks). I feel satisfied now that I'm done... and I hope not to do another sweater until the fall!

Salt Peanuts Lovin'

Two knitters done! Gloriana and I completed our Salt Peanuts (well, hers more than mine since I still need to find a ribbon and sew down the collar) today.

Check out our buttons!

Salt Peanuts KnitalongSalt Peanuts Knitalong
Salt Peanuts KnitalongSalt Peanuts Knitalong

Thanks, Gloriana, for giving me the kudos to use your image!

Gerbera is finished with the back, not yet started on the front (I lied earlier). Jill is almost to the back armholes. Emmdy has gauge! She got her advice from the Knitty message boards: use US10.5 on the knit side and US9 on the purl side. Lucy's Bergamo arrived and she's on-gauge, working on a sleeve.

June 10, 2004

My Salt Peanuts is progressing nicely and I expect to be done with it by this weekend. So far, it looks like I've got a nice pair of long armwarmers.

Salt Peanuts

I think the blend from one ball of yarn to another is pretty good, doing two arms at once, although I think next time, I won't do them on a single circular. I find pushing the yarn from off the cord to the needle takes time and I'm much slower than I want to be. "I'd be done by now if it wasn't for all the pushin' around I have to do!"

I bought myself a click-clack row counter at Seaport Yarns and have been use it to keep track of my sleeve progress. I like it very much; it is easier to use than the turning row counters, although those are more convenient since you can attach them to your needles. Plus, I find the sound it makes quite pleasant.

June 9, 2004
Salt Peanuts Update

No new Salt Peanut knitters, but a few updates.

I fixed Emmdy's link (whoops!), so now one can check out her cool website. She's currently have swatching issues (US10? US9?). Hopefully, that will get resolved soon (she thinks it might be due to yarn stretchiness) and she'll be diving into Salt Peanuts! I adjusted the links so that one can see gerbera's updates from her website; she is at the waist decreases of the back. Carrie is also working up the back and loves the drape of the fabric.

Jen updated Clarifications, Adaptations, Corrections and Advice for Knitting Salt Peanuts with my notes regarding the front lace pattern. It's only the first 20 rows, but I think it's illustrative of the lace pattern and how that works in relation to the decreases.

I am back working on the sleeves and I hope to be finished by this weekend (isn't this the third upcoming weekend where I hoped to finish it?).

June 4, 2004
We like our peanuts salted

Eliza B just got her hands on a copy of the magazine and "an insane amount of yarn to play with". Once she finishes her two big projects, she'll be free to start Salt Peanuts. Lucy of Hey Lucy just ordered her Muench Bergamo in Hyacinth. Emmdy of blog-o-rama is knitting hers in Hemp Muench Bergamo. She's swatching this weekend! Paige now has a website called Starfish Knits.

gerbera's air blue Muench Bergamo arrived from Elann and (I think) she's on to the front! Woo hoo! Carrie's yarn just arrived too and is swatching! Jill is finishing up the waist increases. I finished the front and have worked a bit up the arms (knitting both at the same time), but it's on hiatus again while I work on the sleeves for the Flame Sweater (I lied. Not done yet.).

June 3, 2004
Salt Peanuts Sleeves

I didn't do much knitting today, since I spent the bulk of the day at work training. It looks like I'm going to start doing some IA-type work, which is what I'd like to do a bit of, for variety. This evening was the Harry Potter NYC Line Party. I forgot to take pictures, but it was a lot of fun! Harry Potter Fangirls and Fanboys are very pretty and the energy of the crowd at the screening was electric.

Salt Peanuts Sleeves

I did manage to work on some Salt Peanuts sleeves in the morning. I'm about mid-forearm. I can't help stopping every few rows to wrap the sleeves around my arms and admire my work. I'm so proud of myself: my first sweater is coming soon!

May 29, 2004
Getting Back to Salt Peanuts

Volupta gave her kudos, so here are buttons from her photograph of Salt Peanuts:

Salt Peanuts KnitalongSalt Peanuts Knitalong

Thanks Volupta!

We have one new knitter, gerbera of too much to knit, who is doing her Salt Peanuts in Air Blue Muench Bergamo. Gloriana is finished with the back and a sleeve! Woo hoo! I took a break, but I'm back on, now that I'm done with the Flame Sweater. I hope to get the front complete by the end of the Memorial Day weekend.

May 24, 2004
Short Salt Peanuts Hiatus

So far, here is my progress on Salt Peanuts:

Right Salt Peanuts

It's the right hand side, which is knitting up faster than the left hand side. I'm still writing out the pattern line by line, and I'm at the armhole shaping. I received a really nice email from Veronik Avery (squee! The author of the pattern!) that gave some great advice regarding measuring. She suggests that I mathematically calculate at which row I begin the armhole, collar, and short row shapings and simply write down the row. Then, as long as I use the row counter, it should be easy to know what to do when. Fantastic advice! Why am I not using it for the right hand side? Because I've written out the left and made some variations as I went along and need to make the same adjustments to the right if I want them to be the same. Drat! Oh well. At least I'm not fanatically measuring like I was with the left.

Anyway, I have to put Salt Peanuts on a short hiatus. Deb (of Stitch'N Bitch fame) put a call out for production knitters for her new book and I volunteered. I'm meeting her at the NY SNB group that meets at Space Untitled tomorrow. It should only be a fairly short hiatus: I am knitting a tea cozy.

May 22, 2004
Workin' Salt Peanuts

We have a finished piece!

Volupta finished her piece and it is gorgeous! Check out those colors! Gloriana has finished the back. Paige has cast on (using US11s) and is off! Jill is finishing the lace section in the back. I've finished the left side and have started working the right.

Two new Salt Peanut knitters! Carrie of ...just keep knitting... is doing hers in Grey Heather Muench Bergamo. Jillz of Purl Up With a Good Yarn is doing hers in Air Blue Muench Bergamo.

May 21, 2004
One Down, One to Go

Well, the left side is done! Huzzah!

Salt Peanuts!

Notice that the back and front are different, but the top left is a closer shade to the back than the bottom (due to the higher green content). I'm not sure that I did enough of the collar, to go round, but I think I'll be able to deal with adding more if necessary. I continued writing out the pattern line by line. I think I need it because I put a little pencil pip in my notes when I finish a line. My memory is so terrible that even distracting myself to get a drink, I forget where I am in the pattern. Strangely, I can watch a movie and knit and pay attention if I use this technique of pencil pipping. "Where am I? The right side. Where's my last pip? Ah, line 38! I must now do line 40!" I am getting much better at reading my stitches, though. "I think that this is the ssk line. Ah, ha! It is!" I feel like I've made a small hop towards understanding knitting. Seeing my first sweater pull together slowly is so exciting.

I do so love the pattern, despite being really slow. Other people in the knitalong seem to love the recommended yarn, so I'm highly tempted to buy some of it and doing the sweater again! But, what color? I need to find a Muench supplier in the area so I can see which color I like best in person and which I think will show off the stitches best.

Mike noticed the back colors. "Unfortunate about the patch of green. Right by that patch of red." he said.

"I kind of like it that way."

May 20, 2004
I. Think. I. Can.

Really slow progress on Salt Peanuts.

Salt Peanuts

Really slow. That's because the knitting instructions aren't line by line. I had to piece the pattern together. "Once the work reaches 40cm, do X. One the work reaches 56.5cm, do Y." Augh! I keep measuring and remeasuring. I've been writing the pattern out line by line. I'm into the collar/short row shaping/armhole. I'm trying to plow ahead as fast as possible but I've got the speed of a racing snail (not of the variety from The Neverending Story).

Close look at Salt Peanuts

Lovely inside collar! Despite the slow place, I'm still very excited about the sweater and can't wait to finish it so I can wear it.

May 18, 2004
Salt Peanuts Update

I've started working on the front left panel of Salt Peanuts.


As one can see, the color is definitely more purple and less green (green? there's green?) than the back. I plan on using just half of a hank, in an effort to make the left and right panels similar in color. The back was a hank and a bit, so I think the front right and left would be no more than two hanks. I'm probably going to knit both sleeves at the same time.


The yarn is a joy to knit. It's not itchy and warm, but not too warm. I'm hoping it won't take too long to finish or the weather stays cool so I can wear it! It would be a shame to have to put it away until the fall.

I knit the lace ribbing as described by the instructions and continued for about ten rows with the pattern recommended in the Salt Peanuts tips. It didn't look right as I knit it, so I sat down and wrote down what I thought would be correct pattern (row numbers follow the same ones in the pattern on the Salt Peanuts page):

All WS rows the same.
2. K1, ssk, k to last 5 sts, p1, k2tog, yo, k2 (this is written explicitly in the pattern)
3. (WS) k2, p2, k1, p to last two, k1, p1
4. (RS) k1, p1, k to last 5, p1, k4
6. (RS) k1, p1, k to last 5, p1, yo, ssk, k2
8. (RS) k1, p1, ssk, k to last 5, p1, k4 (this is the row with the decreases every 6 rows)
10. (RS) k1, p1, k to last 5, p1, k2tog yo, k2
12. (RS) Repeat 4
14. (RS) k1, p1, ssk, k to last 5, p1, yo, ssk, k2 (decrease every six rows)
16. (RS) Repeat 4
18. (RS) Repeat 10
20. (RS) Repeat 8 (decrease every six rows)

I'm not sure it is right, but so far, it looks right.

Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts!

Is the tune suck in your head whenever you read the title?

Jas has cast on and is knitting away, already to the waist increases. Stacey has cast on as well and is working through the lace portion. Gloriana has been a knitting animal, casting on yesterday and is over 10" through the back already! Ditto volupta, who has already finished the right side! So far, it looks like we're all enjoying the knitting process and there has been a lot of positive talk about the recommended yarn.

I've started working on the left front panel and I've noted my knitting notes.

May 16, 2004
Salt Peanuts Update

Jill finally got gauge (US8!) and is casting off tonight. I've completed the back. Volupta completed the back and left front! She gives some great advice for doing the dreaded collar/lace/shaping issues that Salt Peanuts seems to have.

Get Thee Behind Me

Work continues on the house, but it is mostly in the downstairs apartment and the basement. Thus, I was free to finish up the back of Salt Peanuts.

Salt Peanuts Back

Lovely! I really like the colors. At first, I thought it was too fuscha, but with the patches of green and the distribution of colors, it's much better. The six hanks of yarn are in the same "family" (rightly so since they are from the same pot) but color distribution varies a great deal. I've decided that the two green-heavy hanks will make up the back and top of the sleeves. The front will be more purple/yellow, with the top being greener than the bottom. I decided that I would live with the uneven distribution of colors because to alternate the yarn would be too annoying for me.


The lace ribbing isn't as well-defined as the original, probably due to the multicolored nature and different yarn quality. The ribbing appears better when stretched; it is not stretched in the closeup image. Other than the undoing I had to do yesterday, the pattern has been pretty easy to follow.

May 14, 2004

Stacey (ArtGirl) has just finished her swatch for Salt Peanuts! She will be using Rowan Cork.

ArtGirl's Yarn

Lovely! Jill plans on swatching tonight. In the meantime, I have cast on and completed the back bottom lace.

Bye Bye Lace

Last night, I cast on and knit a few rows until I fell asleep. I worked on the lace ribbing off and on thoughout the day. I'm now into the waist shaping.

Done with Lace Ribbing

I generally don't like ribbing, but for some reason, I find this very aesthetically pleasing. The colors are really different from viewed indoors versus outdoors. I tried to take this picture during daylight, so you can see how bright the colors are.

Up Close Salt Peanuts

The pattern has been easy so far. The "purl, yo, ssk" and the "knit, yo, purl" stitches slowed me down at first. I know the purpose of the yarn overs were to keep the stitches the same number of stitches, despite the decreases. However, in the patterns I've done so far, a yarn over means to move the yarn from one side of the work to the other. To do simply that wouldn't have created a proper yarn over, so after a few moment of fiddling, I figured out how to do them properly. Are my "new knitter!" stripes showing?

May 13, 2004
Let us tempt you

Salt Peanuts is slowly drawing other knitters into its (not Charlotte) web.

Gloriana's SP is in air-blue Muench Bergamo. Jill is doing hers in charcoal Muench Bergamo. Volupta's SP is in "JJ's Montage Collection in Aubergine" handpainted merino from New Zealand. Paige is also using air-blue Muench Bergamo. Jas ordered sunset gold Muench Bergamo while gnat ordered Plum Wine. emling is talking of doing another SP in grey heather.

Volupta casted on Tuesday and has already worked up to the chest increases on the back. Mine is in fall-colored Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Worsted and will be cast on tonight.

I didn't realize that there was another knitalong group for Salt Peanuts. How wonderful to see people really loving this pattern! Thanks to Jennifer Fleury of Knotty Girls for her Salt Peanuts Pattern Tips.

Swatching! Casting!

Tonight, I swatched Salt Peanuts in my Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Worsted.

Salt Peanuts Swatch

This was my third swatch, when I was able to get gauge. I started on a US9 and worked up to the US10.5, which is what the pattern recommends. The stitches are a little looser than ideal, but I can live with it; I'll be able to wear it on warmer days than my original conception for it.

Working with the yarn itself is very lovely. It's 100% wool and feels nice and warm to my hands. The changing colors keeps it fun and I like how my eyes are drawn to the quickly changing gradients. I need to pick up a pair of US10.5 Addi Turbo circ in the semi-near future, but I have a bamboo circ I can use for now.

I plan on casting on tonight too and knitting a few rows. Salt Peanuts is away!