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May 6, 2004

Cotton and Clueless

Last night, I borrowed three DVDs from the public library: The Greeks, Crucible of Civilization, Shattered Glass, and Clueless. I popped in Clueless and started knitting up my Bottom's Up Bucket Hat.


I've done about 20 rounds, switching to the larger needle before I got sleepy. Yesterday afternoon, I spent time cleaning my terribly messy study and I found my US7 DPNs! Just in time!

Working with the chunky KFI yarn, I decided I didn't like knitting with cotton. It's not as sticky as acrylic, but I didn't care for the texture and I kept splitting the yarn with my needles. This thinner yarn was much better and I was able to work it easier. The cotton feels cool, so I probably wouldn't enjoy working on it when my arthritis flares up, but otherwise I am enjoying the texture. The more I work the hat the more I like it. I can't wait to wear it!

Tonight, Van Helsing screening. Wooooooo! I know it'll be bad, but it's Stephen Sommers directing, which means it will be an enjoyable bad. Plus, Hugh Jackman. Yum.

May 7, 2004

But it was just started...

...and now I am done with my Bottom's Up Bucket hat!

Bucket's Up, Por Moi

It was dead-easy. I knit up to the purl for the crown shaping last night and worked on it once I woke up this morning. I should have taken a picture then to note my progress, but by that time, I was on to using dpns (US6, since I found US8s, not US7s). I still haven't learned to distribute the stitches evenly on dpns, although I'm pretty good at avoiding ladder problems. So, I thought the hat was too ugly to take a picture until I was done.

It fits pretty well; the brim isn't as long and stiff as I would like if I was wearing it down, so I flipped it up and pinned it with my knitted flower. I think it's very pretty!

Alas, Mike finds the brown very drab and plain. He also used the word "ghetto" to describe it. I like it and the brown will match many of my springy outfits.

I'm going to consider knitting a summer hat, perhaps light-colored. Other than the switch to US6 dpns, I did very little adjusting of the pattern. Next time, I might adjust the pattern. I am considering doing some YOs at the bottom of the midsection area so I can add a ribbon that will weave in and out of the hat. Or making the brim larger, since I like a large brim.

Oh... and then there's the ideas in my head for a felted fall/winter hat. Drool.

May 9, 2004

Stop Three and Four: Schoolhouse Products and the Yarn Connection

Karen, Katie, and I went to Union Square to have lunch. We had a quick sit-down stop at a deli where I indulged in a roast beef sandwich. Mmm. We boarded the subway again for the trip to Schoolhouse Products.

Schoolhouse Products was pretty crowded, since Lily Chin was there signing and giving advice. There was some lovely Italian cashmerino blend, but I feared I wouldn't make proper gauge at the recommended project yardage for Salt Peanuts. Plus, it was pretty expensive. When I asked for some help, they pointed out some one pound solid-color cones, 100% Italian merino, 500 odd yards each for $25 a pound. That was a bit more expensive compared to the hand dyed yarn from Seaport and I made the decision to go back to Seaport and buy my Salt Peanuts yarn from there. I didn't pick up anything from Schoolhouse, although I was strongly tempted by some hand dyed fingering weight cashmere yarn (again, the little 'not unless you have a project!' voice popped into my head).

We walked to the Yarn Connection. They didn't have the recommended yarn for Salt Peanuts, but they did have Rowan's Calmer, which was simply lovely and soft soft soft. I need to find an appropriate project for it. Yarn wish list!

I noticed that the NORO Lily from last I was there was still around and I realized the yellow would be perfect for a summer bucket hat! So, I picked up another skein which would make enough yardage for my project. I also picked up four skins of Classic Elite Waterspun 100% Felted Merino Wool in blue to white colors (5002).

Yarn Connection Goodies

The Waterspun? For a winter bucket hat! Nice and warm. I also love the look of the already-felted yarn. I've got a yen for felting. Someday, I will make "I love felting" icons. Save it for a sleepless night.

I love the Yarn Connection's metallic yarn selection. Katie bought a ball and started knitting with it as we sat outside the shop door on the carpeted staircase and talked about past, present, and future projects. Katie's yarn was gorgeous, described by Karen as "looking like a penny". I need to pick up some for a flashy gift for someone (possibly myself!). The Yarn Connection will definitely be a great source for novelty/fancy yarns, for perusing the shelves for fun impulse-buying.

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