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Name: Stacey Kim A'99

Graduation Year: 1999

Accent Entrance Year: 1997; Gen. 1

College: ...now holdin it down in

       p-town, a.k.a princeton university



Nickname: stasheewashee, pooky, mom, boogerwooger

Favorite food: that's a very good question...perfectly cooked hot dogs so that the skin is crisp and your teeth make a nice "pop" when they sink into them...or very high quality creme brulee, none of that second-rate, cheesy diner stuff...crunchy baby carrots...fresh-baked bread...and anything spicy....love those spices!  mmm....

Favorite Song: "Dream a Little Dream of Me" with Ella Fitzgerald and
Louis Armstrong...exquisite

Theme Song: i refuse to pick a theme song for myself because i feel that
doing so may force me to unwittingly categorize myself and thus cause
others to view me as a "type" while it may only capture one aspect of my
multi-faceted character (read: i just couldn't think of a theme song).

I love being an Accentgrrl because: i get to hang out with lots of
beautiful women and i like to close my eyes and pretend that they are
all singing to me and trying to seduce me...umm, did i just say that out
loud?  i meant, uh...i like being in accent because i get to build so
many rewarding relationships with so many warm-hearted girls who have
beautiful bodies...i mean souls...SOULS...geez...