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Name: Scarlett Morris A'00

Graduation Year: 2000

Accent Entrance Year: 1997; Gen. 1

College: currently attending Montclair State University out in sunny Montclair, New Jersey




Nickname:  Scar, Scarfy, Scarf, Scarmander, Cheeseflinger

Favorite food: Ralph's pizza and antipasto...they're to die for mmm mmm

Favorite Song: u know i love music... i have to AT LEAST include one from
each of my favorite bands..."set the ray to jerry" ~smashing pumpkins,
"yellow ledbetter" ~pearl jam, and "ramble on" ~led zeppelin

Theme Song: "baby got back" ~sir mix-a-lot...that's DEFINITELY about me

I love being an Accent girl because: this group is better than a sorority
because we aren't stuck up ...no just kidding... because we formed a bond
around something we all love to do. it was a great way to express talent and
it is so special because you feel absolutely awesome after you finish your
very own concert or cd. i was exposed to awesome people who i became better friends with through accent.  we got to sing what we wanted to and everyone felt like they belonged because we all had our own place in the group. accent made us into stars.