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Name: Marisa Cucuzza A'02

Graduation Year: 2002

Accent Entrance Year: 1999; Gen. 2




Nickname: Maris, Ris, Brooklyn Spice

Favorite Food: Any food that tastes good.

Favorite Song: Livin' on a Prayer (I love Bon Jovi!!)

Theme Song: Brown-Eyed Girl (my mommy's theme song for me since my sis has blue eyes and everyone makes a fuss over them so now my eyes are finally being acknowledged!)

I love being an Accentgrrl because:  I love singing, especially when you gotta put all your emotions and feelings into it.  Love working with all the fabulous, talented people.  I love how we could get results we want by practicing so hard, yet also are able to have fun in the process.  Singing and performing is my life and being a part of such a supportive and talented group just makes the experience more enjoyable.  Luv all you girls!!