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Name: Kyung Park A'99

Graduation Year: 1999

Accent Entrance Year: 1997; Gen. 1

College:  Boston University, in Bean Town, Mass.



Nickname:  Kiana?!?!, Old fart

Favorite food: Pasta Vodka, Korean...anything?!? Coffee and teriyaki chicken..

Favorite Song:  Grow Old Along With Me-Mary Chapin Carpenter

Theme Song:  Holla! Holla!

I love being an Accentgrrl because: I never know exactly what to say.  You grrlies leave me speechless.  I am so proud to say I'm a part of this group, and I love you all, dearly.  We are kick-ass~!!  Just want to say thanks to my family, and of course, my Henry.  Without them, without their support and love, I would not be who I am today.  Also, a big thanks to my grrls, you are truly an inspiration for me.